The Wind Does Blow

As you know, I'm back to blogging. This blog site has been through many many changes, I call it simply evolving (my great big excuse). Never liking the title until now.
This blog has always been a place I write my thoughts, feelings and share Jesus the best I can. I know some of you have wrote me off and that's okay I understand, most likely I would have done the same thing. I never thought when I started blogging that real friendships would take hold, but they did. It's quiet wonderful you know!

I've blown around all over this place of blogging , have had my ups and downs....round and rounds, much to quitting altogether. Somehow I've found my way back. 

I hope I haven't disappointed.
I do blow around....that's me ( another big excuse). If you can put up with that about me (prayers excepted)
I would be most grateful! What I've heard is the biggest NO NO in blogging is stop, come back, stop, come back, well I needed my blog friends to know I really care about our friendships, and yes they are real even if we don't visit in person (pen-pals, remember that???).
I love you all, please count me into your blog land again. I can't promise you anything but to try to post and visit as much as I can. I'm slower these days because I'm sick, but doing better.
Much Love,

White ducks and PicMonkey

We have been watching these two friendly.

Playing with pic Monkey app, this photo was taken years ago, and that day was blue sky's and no rain in site. This is a fun app to play with your pictures. Unlike adobe photo, where you gotta think. I like elements and adobe, but Pic Monkey is plan old fun!
Check out more photo....